What to Expect at Your Neurology Telemedicine Appointment

What to Expect at Your Neurology Telemedicine Appointment

What to Expect at Your Neurology Telemedicine Appointment

Telemedicine is changing the way people get face-to-face time with their doctors. It allows you to visit with your doctor without having to step outside your home. Telemedicine has been pushed to the forefront of healthcare in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. With a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can have a virtual visit with your neurologist in the comfort of home.

Telemedicine is now accessible to the 62 million beneficiaries under Medicare and most major insurances will cover telemedicine visits the same as regular office visits.

Tips to Prepare & What to Expect:

  • Before the appointment, find a private, quiet space with good lighting
  • Complete all required forms before the appointment.
  • Ensure your internet connection is good as this will affect your ability to use video.
  • Have any questions ready before your scheduled time to make the most of your time.
  • Have your medications handy to verify that you are taking the medications that they have listed in their chart.
  • Your provider will call you at the exact time, so be ready to receive the call on your device, computer or tablet.
  • Be prepared to show your provider anything that needs to be assessed visually, such as a rash.
  • Rest assured, your provider is trained on the best ways to talk to you during the virtual examination.
  • Appearance, body language and clarity are very important factors during a telemedicine appointment.

Your health is our top priority at North Suffolk Neurology. We are committed to meeting your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering TeleMedicine visits to both new and established patients. For more information on how you can benefit from our telemedicine service or to schedule a telemedicine appointment, please call us at (541) 622-8900.

North Suffolk Neurology is a full-service Neurology, Headache Medicine, and Sleep Medicine practice consisting of dedicated, experienced staff committed to helping our patients and their families maintain and improve their health.

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